About Lifecycle

Fonnte is does not wish to store any of your data, literally.

So, fonnte delete your data, regularly.

As per this documentation is written, these are the list and the lifecycle of how long will they stored on fonnte.

Device30 daysUnused free devices will be deleted when not used / connected up to 30 days. the devices may be re-created later with different token. deleted device will also deleted all data related to device such as device settings, message history, etc. leave no trace the device ever existed. connecting the device reset the timer.
Whatsapp SessionLifetimeIf nothing goes wrong, Fonnte will keep your whatsapp session active. your session may end only when there is something wrong. most likely comes from whatsapp that terminate your session/get banned/corrupted session. you'll get notification about it when disconnected.
Temporary Files7 daysFonnte store your files as temporary files whenever you send an attachment via dashboard or via API using parameter file.
Webhook Files30 minutesFonnte does not wish to save any attachment sent to you. but it is required to send the file to you via webhook. so we store it for a short time.
Scheduled FilesUp to 5 minutes after sentYour scheduled to be sent files will be checked every minute to make sure all scheduled messages using this files is already processed. only after that, the file is deleted.
Account30 daysWhen the account does not have any device left (all devices deleted automatically), the timer begin the countdown to delete the account. Deleted account will also deleted all data related to the account and leave no trace the account ever existed. login reset the timer.

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