API send message by url (GET)

Warning! The use of this API is not intended for frontend usage as it exposes a token that must be kept confidential. This API usage is highly not recommended unless there are specific issues with your environment preventing you from utilizing the POST method. Please use it wisely.

This API enable send message using GET method or simply using url.

you can run it on browser/put the link on button/href tag.

The url is simply using the same url as POST method.


Queries is the query string with name and values.

If you prefer to see on postman, see here.

Available parameter

  • token (required) (string) - your device's token, separate with comma for pick randomly from multiple devices
  • target (required) (string) - target number, separate with comma, support variable
  • message (optional) (string) - text message, support variable
  • url (optional) (string) - support image, file, audio, video, optional
  • filename (optional) (string) - custom filename, optional
  • schedule (optional) (int) - unix timestamp to send message on schedule
  • delay (optional) (string) - min 0, add - to random delay ex: 1-10 will produce random delay between 1 to 10 seconds, optional
  • countryCode (optional) (string) - replace first zero with country code, default 62, set 0 to disable replacement, optional
  • location (optional) (string) - format : latitude,longitude
  • typing (optional) (bool) : typing indicator, default : false
  • redirect (optional) (string) : redirect after process to an url
  • choices (optional) (string) : poll choices, minimum 2, maximum 12, separate with comma
  • select (optional) (string) : poll select limitation, single or multiple
  • pollname (optional) (string) : poll name

note :

  1. all value should be encoded before assigned to avoid any error/unexpected behaviour, see urlencode from php.
  2. redirect parameter will redirect the page after used. if your environment support curl, it's recommended to verify and log the response before redirecting/action as not all get request will return success due to invalid value.
  3. please note that file parameter not available in this method, to send a file must use url

Use Case

First of all, do not use this api in frontend! anyone can use your device to send message.

You can use this API for backend or internal use.

The only use case of this API is when your environment do not support POST method.

Sometime even curl is not available on some environment.

If that's the case, you can use it with care.


All response will follow the response for API send message POST method

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