Deprecated : all button feature

Since 10th May 2023, whatsapp has updated the code for sending button by verifying the sender. This update lead button to be unusable once again. All button including :

  • Regular button
  • Template button
  • List button

is no longer able to be sent using fonnte.

This issue will inevitable to be happen again in the future even if fonnte managed to make it work once again.

In this moment, we have decided to completely stop maintaining the button feature.

It is unfortunate that we have to discontinue this feature, but this feature is one that should not be accessible without using the official WhatsApp API service. We also stop trying to circumvent WhatsApp for something that should not be done. If WhatsApp opens this button feature to the public and makes it available in the WhatsApp application, we may start working on it again so that it can be used again. But as long as WhatsApp does not open this button feature to the public, we will not work on it.

We apologize for having to discontinue this feature.

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