Update 1 Nov 2022

The update is mainly focused on button ui and add several mini features and ofcourse, bug fixes.

Button UI

You can now make button with fonnte's dashboard.

It's reusable and one time.


You can use this button for sending message or creating an autoreply.

Your whatsapp message will be much more engaging!

Learn how to create this button.

Order by wa

You can now order a package by whatsapp. you are no longer needed to login just to order!

See how to order on the video below.


We add an API to check how much messages an account have been requested to fonnte.

you can see here.

We also add total messages requested on each device on device profile API.

Bug fixes

  • Fix incorrect delay message for new api
  • Rename reset to disconnect for better understanding
  • Add number checking on registration
  • Fix slow query on whatsapp server and dashboard
  • Update connect qr code after whatsapp down

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