Update 31 January 2023

Fonnte mainly focus on developing submission for better support to developer and non-developer so it can be used more easily.

No country code support

If your target is not only on a country, the default fonnte's country code will be a problem.

We have adjusted to enable an option to disable this by adding support to 0 on the field "countryCode" => "0".

The downside for using it is, fonnte no longer will take care of your country code number.

Use it only when needed.

Export submission

You can now download the submission list

Notify admin on submit

On successful submission, admin will get notified.

you can also use rotator on the target.

Webhook submission

You can receive the submission data for your system by using webhook submission.

Save submission to group

The submission sender can now be saved on a group for future usage.

Add button text support on webhook

We add support for button text on webhook for easier usage, if needed.

You can use $text to get the button text.

Bugs and fixes

fix submission button answer on review list

fix incorrect file limit on dashboard

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