Update 5 December 2022

The update mainly focused on working on whatsapp group to be able to send and reply plus additional preparation to read and send location with bug fixes

Add whatsapp group support (beta)

We are now proudly supporting send and reply message to whatsapp group.

But since we are not using whatsapp group so often, we may not knowing of exactly how it work and this feature is still labeled as beta.

If you somehow found a bug, please let us know.

This group is supported on send menu, autoreply menu, API, and webhook.

The video below is how to send message to whatsapp group using fonnte's send menu.

Add import and export contacts

We are adding feature to add via import and supporting export contacts as it's always your data, not ours.

This button available on contact menu

Add status and time on invoices menu

Additional information is added to invoices menu for easier read.

Add package information

Since not everyone know about fonnte's pricing, we are adding information on order popup

Bugs and fixes

fix variable on button not working

fix country code & timestamp on setting/profile page

fix export webhook message as it is, not lowercased

fix contact list not show up on send menu

fix edit autoreply popup style

preparation : send location

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