Update 7 February 2023

We are adding the last planned features for this year.

Fonnte focus on making a follow up feature whenever a number is added to a group.

Follow Up

Every time a number is added to a group which connected to follow up, the number will be scheduled to get follow up messages.

This feature is very useful for newsletter purpose.

You can also use it together with submission feature.

Import csv target

You can now insert the target using csv.

It's easier for you to send bulk message using your own data from csv without having to add to a group.

Send location

Fonnte support device to send location using latitude and longitude.

you can find the example at the docs.

Quick reply

If you ever need to send a template message, fonnte has release this feature.

You can write anything on your whatsapp as you've created on autoreply and your device will be sending message.

bugs fix

fix not joined whatsapp group still exist after update

fix unable to delete filtered history

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