About Variable

Variable enable your messages to be personalized sent to each target.

With fonnte, you can create unlimited variables for each target.

Available variables are

  • {name} : this is the first variable after target's whatsapp number
  • {var1},{var2},{var3},... : this is the rest variable after {name}

How to make variables?

There is 3 ways in fonnte to use variable, but only 1 way to save variable for later usage.

  1. Using input target field in send menu.
  2. Using target field in send API.
  3. Save the contact in contact menu.

How to use variables?

To use variable, there is 3 way to do this

  • Using message field in send menu
  • Using saved message template in template menu
  • Using message field in send API

Example for sending variable to multiple number :

  • target : 082227097005|Fonnte|Admin|Indonesia,081234156789|Susi|User|Malaysia
  • message : Hello {name}! You are login as {var1} from {var2}

The messages will be sent to 6282227097005 with message Hello Fonnte! You are login as Admin from Indonesia and 628123456789 with message Hello Susi! You are login as User from Malaysia

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