Message History

This page is about your requested messages.

You can see all your message status and history here.

Explanation about message status :

  • Sent : the message is sent successfully
  • Pending : the message haven't sent due to device not connected or failed to send. The message will be resend in the next minute
  • Waiting : the message is on scheduled time to be sent
  • Invalid : the message cannot be sent due to invalid target number
  • Expired : the message will not be sent by system due to 7 days of disconnected device
  • Processing : the message is on process to be sent
  • Url unreachable : the message cannot be sent due to unreachable url if you are sending media

The list will show 100 messages.

You can filter your message history by time and status.

The download button will download your last month messages.

if for any reason you want to resend the message, there is a button to resend the message.

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