Update 11 January 2023


We are adding rotator option for the sender.

You can use multiple device/token to send to several target numbers, so it will randomize the sender and lower the chance of getting banned.

Submission menu

Submission menu is newly added feature.

This feature enable you to create a form that actually works on whatsapp.

You can get your customer data fast and easy.

Read more at submission documentation.

Additional webhook data

Fonnte sending more data to be used by your webhook.

  • member : the number wo send the message on a group
  • name : the name of the sender
  • location : the position by latitude and longitude of shared location
  • url : the file url when the sender send an attachment
  • filename : the filename of the attachment
  • extension : the extension of the attachment

Read more at webhook documentation.

Webhook download attachment

Now you can save the attachment that has been received by your whatsapp bot.

Note : the attachment will follow the file limitation rule and require device with all feature package.

Read more at download attachment documentation.

Random delay

Fonnte always use fixed delay to multiple target number which make the sending have a certain rhytm.

to make it more like human and less like bot, we are implementing random delay.

You can set delay 5-10 for example, the messages will be sent randomly between 5 to 10 seconds later and the delay keep stacking.

Bugs and fixes

fix schedule delay

fix case sensitive button reply

fix incorrect delay on schedule message

fix incorrect timezone on message history report

fix incorrect schedule status

optimize autorestart strategy

optimize connection state

optimize send message logic

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