Rotator is a feature that allows you to send messages randomly according to the weight of each number.

This feature primarily used to split leads from a form, button or another method.

You can use it for autoreply (default only) and send message (API only).

To create the rotator, you can go to rotator menu.

The fields of rotator is shown above.

  • Name : the name of the rotator
  • Whatsapp : the whatsapp number, you can add as many as you need
  • Weight : the chance of the whatsapp to be receive the message
  • Country : the country code of the whatsapp numbers
  • Rotation Cycle : how will the rotation works. you can choose full or partial.
  • Full : will rotate all number, chosen number will not be included in the next rotation until all number have been chosen
  • Partial : will rotate current number only, chosen number will be included in the next rotation

After you finish adding the rotator, you can click add and the rotator will be added and ready to use.

You can use it on autoreply with default reply enabled or using rotator API as target with rotator id

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