API migration

Since the new rewrite also changes the API fields and url, you will need to migrate legacy API to new API.

Legacy API will be deprecated on 1 January 2023.

Send Message

Legacy APINew API
field phone and textmoved to target and message
require several fields to runonly target field is required
require the right field typeno field type
type text using text field & tipe image/file/audio/video using captionall message will only use message field
not supporting variablesupport variable
delay_req is optionalremove delay_req
filename may different than expectedadd support for filename field
no country code support for replacing first zeroadd country code support for replacing first zero
small typo may lead to failed sending messagebetter typo handling for easier sending message
cannot send button, template and listsupport send button, template, list

read more : API send message

Device Profile

move url from https://md.fonnte.com/api/profile.php to https://api.fonnte.com/device

read more : API device profile

Get QR

move url from https://md.fonnte.com/api/connect.php to https://api.fonnte.com/qr

read more : API get QR


This API will validate whether the number is exist on whatsapp or not

read more : API validate

Message Status

move url form https://md.fonnte.com/api/status.php to https://api.fonnte.com/status

read more : API message status


move url from https://md.fonnte.com/api/disconnect.php to https://api.fonnte.com/disconnect

read more : API disconnect

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